8 Largest Dog Breeds

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Of the hundreds of dog breeds around the world, here are 8 of the largest.

Great Dane

They may be extremely large and strong, but because of their calm and loving disposition, the Great Dane is known as a "smooth giant." They make excellent family pets, which require minimal grooming and daily exercise.



Although one of the AKC's biggest dogs is a gentle and loyal companion, the powerful Mastiff. Mastiffs love to be around people and have close relationships with their family. They need exercise in lightness and minimal grooming.



The Bullmastiff is docile and sweet-natured at home with his family while being strong and powerfully built. They are natural guardians who don't bark too much and don't need much workout or grooming.


Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is muscular and powerful, but his temperament is mellow. They do well with kids, making great pets for the family. Twice a year, Saint Bernards shed and owners should be ready for drooling.


Scottish Deerhound

Deerhounds can be up to 30 inches tall and weigh up to 100 pounds. Although they are not used today for deer hunting, enthusiasts who use them for shows and in some places, lure course keep the breed alive.


Great Pyrenees

Originally used as a guardian of sheep, the Great Pyrenees has a natural instinct to protect.  They’re independent thinkers and need daily exercise.  Their thick, weather resistant coat needs brushing once a week.


Tibethan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs are impressively large, very independent and smart. Their family and property tend to be highly protective. They have a huge double coat that sheds once a year and needs to be brushed regularly.


Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound has a loving temperament, big, muscular, and the highest of dogs. Although originally bred for hunting wolves and elks, today they are mainly family pets. It requires regular brushing of their harsh coat.