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Madden users after the franchise disclose

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Start date 19/08/20 - 10:40
End date 31/08/20 - 10:40
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    If people stopped playing MUT we'd actually have a good football game to buy, like I am pissed because I am not spending $60 on that **** and I want to play a fantastic football game. Here's the problem: MUT wouldn't be popular if it was not from YouTubers and online sites teaching them glitch plays and promoting it. You see, franchise must suck EA's strategy. They are aware that people will unconsciously buy Madden 21 because that's what they have done for two decades and the only way working feature in Madden 21 is MUT. And if folks want to be good and be such as the youtubers and streamers then they need to pay to playwith.

    You can not expect people to stop playing a game style so as to make the one you do they like. I know that but if you have bought coins for MUT you're why we have a half garbage transaction filled game offered for 60 bucks. No, that is just ****ing reality. I don't spend any money but that I can not condemn people. And I can not condemn a business for putting their resources to Madden 21 mode that makes them the most cash. I had a favorite BBQ spot in college that shut down because not enough people went.

    The owners left it into a chicken place. For needing to earn more money, I didn't get mad, and I did not get mad at of the people who wanted fried chicken instead of BBQ. If EA would just come out and say they are not likely to be growing franchise much in the long run I could not even be angry at them. It's the lying and false advertising of"improvements" to franchise mode which are scummy, not the abandonment of franchise from itself. And for the record I spend time in franchise compared to in MUT.

    You can condemn people for spending money to since there are ways to spend 20, they need. Would you not condemn an addict spending the last of his cash? People that play MUT created what madden is today and it's micro transaction ****, so yeah **** every single individual that has spent money on this and **** EA for conducting what is essentially a monopoly. Heroin can kill you, I've yet to listen to a case of someone dying from a MUT overdose. Do you condemn people for purchasing alcohol? What about food? You are not angry because of how they are spending habits impact them, you are angry because of how it affects YOU.

    The NFL gave EA the monopoly on them. What is EA supposed to do? Any capable business would choose to have no competitors if they had the ability to. My point is that like spending money on heroin spending cash on virtual coins is beyond dumb and you need to be **** on for being really stupid and ruining madden for everybody that doesn't play MUT, 2. EA pays to get the right to possess that monopoly with cash they earn from morons buying coins literally this entire problem of madden being terrible today is due by MUT players and that's a fact.

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