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My thoughts on RuneScape and this subreddit as a new participant

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My thoughts on RuneScape and this subreddit as a new participant has not posted anything yet
Start date 08/08/20 - 16:17
End date 31/08/20 - 16:17
  • Description

    I want to share my expertise as a brand new participant both in RuneScape game and on this subreddit. I am relatively new to this subreddit, but I seldom see posts coming from newer players (I know that there are probably long term players versus newer players, but our voice has to be heard also!) We have never touched RuneScape in our high school years, but we certainly knew what it had been since lots of our other classmates played with it at the time. Fast forward 15+ years later, we were shocked to see RuneScape is still around! So we decided to give it a shot since we have been looking for a new game to playwith.

    Our experience has been great up to now! There's certainly an overwhelming amount of content and items to learn that can be confusing sometimes, but after performing many searches on wiki and trial and error, we're getting a fantastic foothold on matters. The people we have encountered in RuneScape game were mostly very friendly and were willing to describe lots of items to us! This came from support by means of a clan we joined and only random interaction with others. With all these positive interactions, my friend and I decided to find out what was happening in the RuneScape subreddit.

    A vast majority of the top upvoted articles are simply toxic complaints regarding RuneScape and Jagex for a company. The remarks are even worse even on seemingly positive articles from Moderators, the comment section is full of negativity entirely unrelated to what the Mod'd submitted. I understand that gamers must voice their ideas on the state of RuneScape, but this is just overwhelming negativity which creates a community that is hazardous. Again, this really is my MY point of view as an outsider looking in (outsider in a feeling that I am new to this subreddit and newish to RuneScape).

    But I wish to allowy'know that this community CAN push away potential customers that are new. My friend pointed out that when we viewed this subreddit BEFORE we began playing, there is a fantastic chance we might have jumped over RuneScape. And he's completely right, when seeking to discover a new game, the first thing we head to is the evaluations. If we saw how the top general posts were mostly complaints about RuneScape, we'd have definitely moved on to another game. I realize that there is a weekly thread (Monday Feedback), so why not keep the majority of the complaints there?

    I greatly enjoy playing, but I'll definitely unsub from here for a while. I honestly think it's really unhealthy for beginner gamers to continue having to see negative posts about RuneScape. This is a throwaway account since I know this article is going to be downvoted to hell for expressing an unpopular opinion and also because I make a smaller subset of the participant community.

    More information about RuneScape in