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I can not play Phantasy Star Online 2

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I can not play Phantasy Star Online 2 has not posted anything yet
Start date 30/07/20 - 16:25
End date 13/08/20 - 16:26
  • Description

    PSO2 is eating my own system living

    I have played nearly 200 hours, and today while I was performing among the story missions fighting with the 3 together with the 6 and the brand new 4(Zeno for circumstance here) it finished and I got a blank screen with the HUD. I needed to exit. So I rebooted I could not relaunch and I couldn't. It duplicated itself into another folder in / mutable in the background. I have found? I can not play Phantasy Star Online 2. It's multiplying on my drive and I have had to strip all of the permissions so that I could get my disk space back. I see that it's a problem as I've looked about, but has Sega stated anything apart from they are working with it? I adore Phantasy Star Online 2, but I am not going to keep doing home maid service on a launcher.

    It ties in to Microsoft Store problems. It will download and upgrade Phantasy Star Online 2 to you and does not come with all the different Microsoft Store bugs. Yeah, I may have to. After 4 hours of eliminating the documents and wasting a fantastic part of my sport day I finally got it up and running again, but when I get up in the morning I dread it replicate. It's kind of funny. It was fine, at first. While lots of people were having issues I wasn't this upgrade came out and today I am one of those victims it sounds. I'll login after I wake up and see what it resembles.

    And there it goes. I fired the system up and was beginning PSO2 and hey look we receive desktop! So I uninstalled it, then went back manually so I could actually remove it. Once again, stripped all of the permissions so I could eliminate it and clicked"Permanently Delete" therefore it wouldn't move to the recycle bin. FREEDOM!!!

    I had been putting off PSO2 Tweaker for the"right way", but clearly the ideal way is the incorrect way till they mend it. The thing is however is the pso2 tweaker has been the go to tweaker for playing pso2 jp for decades, and the reason is for the microsoft store that is buggy/bad. It functions for games that don't need bad although a launcher for games that do need one like pso2. Since it's coming later on you do not really require the MS Shop to install pso2.

    Nearly all the micro-transactions within Phantasy Star Online 2 do not directly affect gameplay. You will find scratcher tickets which are loot boxes and a battle pass full of cosmetics, and a cosmetic store. While I am not fond of lootboxes, Phantasy Star Online 2 never pushed them in my face outside of a simple tutorial which clarified to earn"FUN" points to the free variant (yes, there are numerous themed loot boxes to choose from in Phantasy Star Online 2). The makeup from the free ticket had been less intriguing than people stashed away over the top ones, but that I managed to ignore the scratcher tickets entirely once that Client Order was from the way.

    More information about PSO2 in https://www.pso2ah.com/