It is only pathetic in Madden 21 to have this nevertheless Cover Image


It is only pathetic in Madden 21 to have this nevertheless

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It is only pathetic in Madden 21 to have this nevertheless has not posted anything yet
Start date 25/07/20 - 16:08
End date 13/08/20 - 16:09
  • Description

    Me not just dumb customer, and this is known by EA. EA care about creating match, it clear. No other studio does this because they are stupid and wish to"innovate" and give the customer"something exciting and new" in exchange for their hard earned money. Only big idiot losers have integrity. I hope other studios be aware of this and implement precisely the consistency into their Madden NFL.

    What about the fact that none of those players on the sidelines to team are players on the group? I saw stick skinny white participant with the amount 96 on his jersey (no title ), but the man who had that amount was a 300lb black man with dreads. EA is lazy. Your sideline players are either guys who are so sparse that they could be blown by wind over or huge guys with guts. And they all do emphasise responses. This would be acceptable in Madden 08 but it is only pathetic in Madden 21 to have this nevertheless.

    This is honestly why I am done with madden. I loved it when I was my sim league, however there were a lot of elite players and that I was sick of grinding 9-7 like I'm the Dolphins. Started to really enjoy franchise style again, but after finally making it into the Super Bowl with my Lions staff and winning a hugely entertaining game as a result of an 84 yard rip from my celebrity rookie RB, the sensation of winning was a HUGE letdown. The lead around Madden NFL 21 felt like any other game, and the super bowl celebration was trash. What is the purpose? Who the hell is Charles Gaudin? Had never heard of the man and have not seen him call a game.

    As well they ought to be. EA Sports has made a monopoly on the market. And that they sell the product. They ignore rather and what the community wants sell us things like DJ Khaled. It's a lazy game recycled every year by taking features out and putting in new ones. EA Sports can be idle since they have a monopoly on the marketplace which is simply been extended another five to six years. There isn't even a playoff film in franchise. Fans of Madden NFL 21 finish of football gambling should continue to speak up since this is how it went our voice will get hurt.

    If we encourage other goods and don't encourage Madden something will take place and we are going to receive a football experience. But if everyone just closes up and purchases Madden NFL 21 nothing will change. Believe me I do it. The final football game I played with before Madden 21 was 2K5 on the OG Xbox and that I basically stopped purchasing EA Madden NFL then. Because it was on sale, I picked up Maddden 21 on a whim, I had some money off and I craved some soccer. I for one want someone could make a worthy competitor/football sim but it simply has not happened (keeping my attention on Axis football but that seems a lot like early 2100s Madden).

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